What is the moral of the Nun’s Priest Tale?

Chanticleer very cleverly suggests that the fox turn and boast to his pursuers. The fox tries to flatter the bird into coming down, but Chanticleer has learned his lesson. He tells the fox that flattery will work for him no more. The moral of the story, concludes the Nun’s Priest, is never to trust a flatterer.

The main theme of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale, I would argue, is vanity, especially as it is related to the dangers of flattery. Chauntecleer, a large rooster, has a terrible dream one night in which he’s threatened in the farmyard by a strange orange beast.

Likewise, which excerpt best captures the moral of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale? In “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale,” from “The Canterbury Tales,” by Geoffrey Chaucer, the moral is never trust a flatterer. Therefore, the excerpt agrees with the moral since it means that it is better to be cautious and avoid people who give excessive, often insincere praise.

Similarly one may ask, what does this tale suggest about its teller The Nun’s Priest?

The Knight represents the ideal of a medieval Christian man-at-arms. He has participated in no less than fifteen of the great crusades of his era. His story of Chanticleer, however, is well crafted and suggests that he is a witty, self-effacing preacher.

What is the satire of The Nun’s Priest’s Tale?

The bestiary, or beast fable, is a type of story in which the characters are animals, is often used to mock humans by comparing the actions of the two. Because the Canterbury Tales is a satire, this tale calls out the flaws in human nature by giving Chanticleer the rooster the human qualities of pride.

What does Pertelote mean?

Whereas Chantecleer ‘one who sings clearly’ is etymologically appropriate, the meaning of Pertelote is uncertain. Pratt’s derivation from perte ‘destroys’ and lot ‘fate’, alluding to the Fall of Man, was based on an allegorical reading of the tale no longer favoured by scholars.

What is the setting of the Nun’s Priest Tale?

The nun’s priest obliges, and tells the tale of a rooster’s misadventures with a fox. The story takes place at a farm, owned and managed by a poor widow who lives quite modestly.

Who are the main characters in The Nun’s Priest Tale?

index. In “the Nun’s Priest’s Tale,” there are three main characters in this short story, but none of them is human being. A cock whose name is Chanticleer, and the second leading role, Chanticleer’s wife, a hen with the fairest hued on her throat, whose name is Fair Miss Pertelote.

What is the Fox’s name in the Nun’s Priest Tale?

Chauntecleer is comforted and proceeds to greet a new day. Unfortunately for Chauntecleer, his own dream was also correct. A col-fox, ful of sly iniquitee (line 3215), who had previously tricked Chauntecleer’s father and mother to their downfall, lies in wait for him in a bed of wortes.

What is the word nun?

nun. A nun is a woman who’s dedicated her life to religious observance. Most nuns spend their time praying or meditating and doing service work in their communities. Nun comes from the Old English nunne, and the Late Latin nonna, “nun,” originally a generic word for addressing an older person.

What is a mock epic How does the Nun’s Priest’s Tale fit the characteristics?

A mock-epic is a literary parody of heroic style. It imitates serious characters and grave events in a comic manner. The subject matter is trivial and unfit for an epic but the subject is clothed in the conventional epic style.

What lesson did the fox learn?

What lesson did each learn? -Chanticleer learned look before you leap. -The fox learned loose lips sink ships. -The narrator learned beware of flatterers and pay attention to your natural instincts.

What social classes did Chaucer write?

The characters in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer fall into one of the three estates, or social classes, used to categorize people in feudal and medieval England. These included members of the First Estate, or Church hierarchy, like The Prioress, Monk, Friar, Parson, and Pardoner.

What type of story does the Nun’s Priest tell?

Chaucer is well known for having used many a literary genre to write his tales. He makes use of the romance, the fabliau and in the case of the nun’s tale Chaucer writes a fable. The hero of this tale is Chaunticleer the rooster who is talking to Pertelote about a dream he had about a dangerous fox.

What type of bird is Dame Pertelote?

Quick Reference. The hen in Chaucer’s ‘Nun’s Priest’s Tale’ (see Canterbury Tales, 20); also the wife of Chanticleer in the tale of Reynard the Fox (see Partlet). The word in Old French was a female proper name. Its later equivalent, used as the proper name of a hen, is Partlet.

How does Chanticleer outsmart the fox?

When he closes his eyes to sing, the Fox capture him. (B) Chanticleer flatters the Fox that he is smarter than the people chasing him. He convinces the Fox to taunt his pursuers. When the Fox opens his mouth, Chanticleer escapes.

What is Chanticleer’s dream?

Expert Answers info Context: Chanticleer is a widow’s rooster and he has had a dream that a fox will capture him that day. His favorite hen chides him for believing in dreams, but Chanticleer is certain that his dream foretells disaster.

How does the narrator in The Nun’s Priest Tale make the story seem epic and heroic?

The narrator in “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale” decides to tell a humorous fable about farm animals. He chooses the lofty style of epic narration to relate his commonplace story of a rooster and a fox. The nun’s priest compares the rooster Chanticleer to epic Greek heroes such as Hector and Achilles.

What is chanticleers relationship with Lady Pertelote?

While Chanticleer has seven wives, the hen Pertelote (also spelled Partlet) is his favorite. She initially offers a sympathetic ear when he tells her about a frightening dream about being eaten. She soon dismisses his fear, attributing it to something he ate, but later regrets the advice.