What is the Kerdi system?

Schluter ®-KERDI is a pliable sheet-applied waterproofing membrane and vapor-retarder designed for the direct application of tile. KERDI is ideal for use in tiled showers, bathtub surrounds, residential steam showers, and other tile applications in wet areas.

The Schluter ®KERDISHOWER-KIT is an all-inclusive package containing each of the components required to create a watertight shower assembly. Designed to create a fully waterproof and vapor-tight enclosure in tiled showers and residential steam showers.

Likewise, do you need Kerdi over Cementboard? First Kerdi can be installed on drywall or cement board. However if installed on drywall it is only protecting one side. The back side of the drywall fails and it is just as bad or worse than if it had an issue on the tile side. All shower/tub areas should have concrete board (I prefer hardiboard).

Similarly, you may ask, how much is the Kerdi shower system?

Worth the effort though. by SCHLUTER SYSTEMS L.P. I have been doing custom tile installations for more than thirty years. About ten years ago I first heard of, and started using the Schluter Kerdi Shower System.

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How does the Schluter system work?

The Schluter®-Shower System is an integrated family of products that together form a fully bonded, watertight assembly for tiled showers. The Schluter®-Shower System eliminates the risk of failures due to water and vapor penetration and dramatically reduces total installation time.

What is Kerdi board used for?

KERDI-BOARD allows you to quickly and easily build tile-ready elements in showers, bathtub surrounds and platforms, countertops, vanities, shelving, and more! Schluter ®-KERDI-BOARD is a multifunctional tile substrate and building panel, which can also be used in bonded waterproofing assemblies with tile.

Can you put Kerdi over drywall?

Yes. Once you install KERDI over the drywall panels, they will be completely protected from the water and vapor in your tiled shower.

What’s the difference between a shower base and a shower pan?

The shower pan is a single-piece unit that fits into the shower alcove. Once it is level, the pan is screwed to the wall, and the shower walls are built around it. A shower base, when referring to a substructure or tiled shower floor, is built from wet cement, sand mix or a similar type of mortar.

How much does it cost to install a Schluter Shower System?

Walk-in Shower Cost Unit Parts Cost of Labor and Materials Shower Stall $700-$1,600 Custom Shower $1,000-$3,000 Shower Door $600-$1,350 New Faucet $50-$900

How thick is a Kerdi shower pan?

Minimum KERDI-BOARD thickness – 1/2″ (12.5 mm) for studs spaced at 16″ (40.6 cm) o.c. and 3/4″ (19 mm) for studs spaced at 24″ (61.0 cm) o.c. KERDI-BOARD shall be fastened to wood or metal framing with appropriate screws (i.e., coarse thread wood screw for wood studs and self-tapping for metal studs) and corresponding

Can you cut a Kerdi shower pan?

Yes. The KERDI-SHOWER- T/-TS/-TT trays can be cut to size to fit various applications. Ideally, the tray should be cut by equal amounts on all four sides to ensure a consistent height of the first course of wall tile. However, slight differences can typically be made up with thin-set mortar when setting the floor tile.

Is Kerdi board waterproof?

KERDI-BOARD by Schluter is one of the best ways to waterproof a shower. A lot of folks like using cement board but it’s heavy and requires a waterproofing membrane over it. Furthermore, if you’r working in an older home KERDI-BOARD fits better than cement board in odd spaces.

Do I need to waterproof shower walls before tiling?

Prepping for shower tile is different than the prepping for tile on drywall. A shower is considered a wet application, so you need to waterproof the foundation, which you’ll learn how to do in these instructions. After the waterproofing step, the instructions are the same as if you were installing tile on drywall.

Which backer board is best for showers?

Tile Backer Board Breakdown Foam boards are lightweight, easy to cut, and a completely waterproof. Pictured: Wedi Board tile backer board. Schluter approves Kerdi over drywall. Hardibacker is the best known fiber cement board. Cement board has improved over the years and is easier to work with.

How much should a tile shower cost?

In regards to tile installation costs, you can expect to pay an average of $25 per square foot, depending on the grade of material that is used. For a medium-sized shower, the price can cost about $2,000. Tile installation materials include: Cement Backer Board: $10 per sheet.

How wide is a Schluter curb?

The curb is made of expanded polystyrene and is designed to integrate with the Schluter-Shower System. Curb dimensions are: 48 in. x 6 in. x 4-1/2 in.