Can we update the data in Hive?

This is because Hive was built to operate over HDFS data using MapReduce, where full-table scans are the norm and a table update is achieved by transforming the data into a new table. Hive doesn’t support updates (or deletes), but it does support INSERT INTO, so it is possible to add new rows to an existing table.

So, moral of the story is that you can‘t UPDATE any existing record in HDFS, but yes, you can surely make another copy of the data (with the modifications/updates) in the HDFS and can remove the previous original copy.

Beside above, can we delete data from Hive table? Use Drop command (e.g. Drop employee) to drop hive table data. If its Hive Managed table, hive will delete table structure as well as data associated with hive table. If there is no problem you can delete using DROP TABLE <TABLE-NAME>it will delete both Schema and Data Or else use Truncate it will keep your schema.

People also ask, can we update hive external table?

There are many approaches that you can follow to update Hive tables, such as: Use Temporary Hive Table to Update Table. Set TBLPROPERTIES to enable ACID transactions on Hive Tables. Use HBase to update records and create Hive External table to display HBase Table data.

How do I edit an HDFS file?

Get the original file from HDFS to the local filesystem, modify it and then put it back on HDFS.

  1. hdfs dfs -get /user/hduser/myfile.txt.
  2. vi myfile.txt #or use any other tool and modify it.
  3. hdfs dfs -put -f myfile.txt /user/hduser/myfile.txt.

Why is Hdfs append only?

HDFS will append to the last block, not create a new block and copy the data from the old last block. Only one single write or append to any file is allowed at the same time in HDFS, so there is no concurrency to handle. This is managed by the namenode.

What is Upsert in hive?

Upsert combines updates and inserts into one operation, so you don’t need to worry about whether records existing in the target table or not.

How can we update a file at an arbitrary location in HDFS?

You can not change content of a file stored in HDFS at arbitrary location. When the need arise to do so frequently you should consider storing file content as rows in NoSQL. e.g., HBase will allow you to modify the content of the row at arbitrary locations.

What is a hive in big data?

Apache Hive is a data warehouse system for data summarization and analysis and for querying of large data systems in the open-source Hadoop platform. It converts SQL-like queries into MapReduce jobs for easy execution and processing of extremely large volumes of data.

What is hive merge?

The MERGE query or statement in SQL is used to perform incremental load. With the help of SQL MERGE statement, you can perform UPDATE and INSERT simultaneously based on the condition. The MERGE statement in SQL are mainly used to implement slowly changing dimensions. As of now, Hive does not support MERGE statement.

What is hive acid?

ACID Transactions in Hive Transactions in Hive are introduced in Hive 0.13, but they only partially fulfill the ACID properties like atomicity, consistency, durability, at the partition level. Here, Isolation can be provided by turning on one of the locking mechanisms available with zookeeper or in memory.

How do I use overwrite in hive?

Synopsis INSERT OVERWRITE will overwrite any existing data in the table or partition. unless IF NOT EXISTS is provided for a partition (as of Hive 0.9. 0). INSERT INTO will append to the table or partition, keeping the existing data intact. (Note: INSERT INTO syntax is only available starting in version 0.8.)

How do I set table properties in hive?

Changing Hive table properties Select the table you want to change and click View. The default Columns tab shows the table’s columns. Click the Properties tab. In the Table Parameters section, locate the skipAutoProvisioning property and (if it exists) verify that its value is set to “true”.

How do I update the partition table in hive?

Update Hive Partition You can use Hive ALTER TABLE command to change the HDFS directory location or add new directory. Alter command will change the partition directory. ALTER TABLE some_table PARTITION(year = 2012) SET LOCATION ‘hdfs://user/user1/some_table/2012’;

How do you create a surrogate key in hive?

To generate the surrogate key value in HIVE, one must use “ROW_NUMBER () OVER ()” function. When the query is run using “ROW_NUMBER () OVER ()” function, the complete data set is loaded into the memory.

Who developed hive?

While initially developed by Facebook, Apache Hive is used and developed by other companies such as Netflix and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Amazon maintains a software fork of Apache Hive included in Amazon Elastic MapReduce on Amazon Web Services.

How do you handle slowly changing dimensions in Hadoop?

In data warehousing, slowly-changing dimensions (SCDs) capture data that changes at irregular and unpredictable intervals. Managing Slowly Changing Dimensions Type 1: Overwrite old data with new data. Type 2: Add new rows with version history. Type 3: Add new rows and manage limited version history.

Does Hive support update and delete?

Hive doesn’t support updates (or deletes), but it does support INSERT INTO, so it is possible to add new rows to an existing table. Delete has been recently added in Hive version 0.14 Deletes can only be performed on tables that support ACID Below is the link from Apache .