WATCH: Dr. William Rees: Are Humans Inherently Unsustainable? The Myth of the “Green Economy” as the Solution to Our Accelerating Crisis

“Dr. William Rees is best-known for inventing the “ecological footprint” — as in “your carbon footprint is too large.” In this talk, Dr. Rees discusses global ecological limits (several of which humans have already exceeded) AND the reasons why humans tend to ignore and deny such limits.” Source: Peter Montague

The idea fed to us that “green capitalism” / “the “green economy” will somehow save us, is not only a lie, it is suicidal.

In this lecture, Dr. William Rees, best-known for inventing the “ecological footprint”, thoroughly discusses biological and cultural myths. If we continue to deny these myths, rather than confront them, our collective denial will serve as the instrument to our own annihilation.

Dr. Rees endorses/endorsed the “Time to Be Bold” declaration.

The Time To Be Bold Declaration was written by Joan Russow – Global Compliance Research Project and Cory Morningstar – Canadians for Action on Change. It was submitted to the People Agreement of Cochabamba which took place in April 2010.

Source: Peter Montague

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