Zero Emissions is the ONLY way to stop accelerating global warming

24 November 2010: “Greenhouse gases rise to record levels in 2009″ According to Michel Jarraud, secretary general of the World Meteorological Organization: “If we continue business as usual, we will not achieve the level of atmospheric concentration that would allow a two degree Celsius target.” Further, Jarraud stated that to start decreasing the levels of greenhouse gases, it is necessary to “stop totally the emissions.” Jarraud states unequivocally that “this means that the usage of fossil energy should be halted.”

To date, the big greens refuse to tell supporters what the most critical aspects of climate change are, in spite of the insistent urging from climate justice activists. These are the imperatives every citizen has the right to know … and are not being told.

  • In order to stabilize the planet, the world must achieve zero carbon emissions. Zero is the only number that matters and it must be achieved in a matter of years, not decades.  We are in a planetary emergency at less than 1ºC rise.
  • The current economic system is the root cause of climate change.
  • A mass mobilization on a global scale is needed to convert to a clean, perpetual zero carbon economy which rejects all false solutions including green capitalism.

On the science one thing absolutely certain, that has been known for many years, is that an elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration cannot possibly drop without  zero carbon emissions. Considering that 20% of all carbon dioxide emissions last in the atmosphere for 1000 years and our sectoral emissions are such that the greenhouse gas emissions are constant – a zero carbon policy can be readily understood without models.

This is the most important aspect of climate change – yet it is rarely discussed let alone campaigned on. Although it was included in brackets in the UNFCCC draft – it was deleted.

Before a car can go in reverse, it must stop going forward.

We’re already at 390 ppm, and increasing at ~ 2 ppm per year. (The rate is accelerating, however, a little higher every year.) This means at current emissions, we’ll be at 400 ppm in 5 years.

We must remember that we are not the only source of CO2 now. The climate system is in positive feedback mode. So tending to human emissions from fossil fuels does not address multiple other sources of CO2, such as the fact that ecosystems are moving from sinks to sources, the oceans appear to be beginning to off-gas CO2 as they heat, giant forest fires are putting more up, methane from permafrost is being oxidized to CO2, etc. The positive feedbacks that are going to accelerate the change regardless of what we do.

The key is to cut emissions by as much as possible as quickly as possible because the system is already in positive feedback – multiple positive feedbacks accelerating temperature and carbon – so regardless of what we do, CO2 and temperature is going to increase.

Climate scientist Alder Stone recommends a goal to eradicate “90% of all emissions – not relative to any year but now – by 2015 – setting the bar as high as possible”. We would be hard pressed to find any climate scientist that would suggest anything less.

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